Australians are once again debating whether or not they have been treating immigrants well.

In Fraser Anning’s latest speech, he actually proposed that the current immigration rules be renewed. Furthermore, he wanted Muslim immigrants to be banned from the country. This isn’t good news for Muslims who are planning to work in Australia if this does push through. What’s more is that the Nubiles Porn discounts party leader Bob Katter supported everything he said. He thought it was great even though that would mean they will need to change a lot of rules again. The nation can be split on the whole thing. Some could want it while some could be completely against it. If what he says does come true, you can expect a bunch of rallies all over the country. There are definitely lots of organizations who would not hesitate to stage a rally against the party of Bob Katter. Since they’re activists, they could care less about the consequences of their actions. In fact, they would not mind getting arrested as long as they think what they’re fighting for is right. You can’t blame them anyway.

Australian Outrage Over Senators Speech

When Anning said people from the third world should not be allowed to enter the country, that can be a little discriminating.

There’s no doubt he hurt the feelings of people who are both living in the country as third world people and those who are currently not residing there. Of course, there is nothing wrong with what Anning did since he has all the right to his own opinion. The thing is he probably was not thinking straight when he said all those things. It could have an immediate impact on what other people think about the country. There was no doubt he had help in making the speech so it was not only him who said those things.

Anning’s suggestions probably won’t happen anytime soon as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull quickly shot it down. He said the country is far from being racist. He also praised the multicultural aspect of the country. In other words, he wants Australia to be a country where everyone is welcome. Of course, some would need to follow a certain number of WetandPuffy discount rules before they can be allowed in the country. However, he did show that he will put out all the stops in making sure Anning does not get what he wants. That does not mean he wants Anning to step down from his position though. That will definitely not happen because Anning has a lot of pride. He also loves his job.


Meanwhile, the AIJAC did not like Anning’s speech one single bit.

They called for him to make an immediate apology and so far, Anning would not budge. He thought he wasn’t understood well. Unfortunately, he was recently the subject of harsh criticism by a number of top-ranked individuals. Sooner or later, he may have no choice but to apologize on site if he does care about the reputation of the country and its well being.